Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things done today:
  • 10cent posterboard bought at Walgreens. I had to settle for colors as the white is never going to be restocked.
  • Graygray to the vet to finally get her kitten factory shut down.
  • My hair trimmed-I'm only 3 weeks overdue!
  • Kayla to Old Navy to spend her gift card -she made some cute choices!! (1 day later-the things we don't procrastinate!!)
  • Grill cover put on.
  • Signed paper for my Dad's pre-arranged funeral service. (this was oh so many days ago I was supposed to do that!)
  • Math temporary curriculum purchased. (Finances require waiting on the big gun!)(Math teacher best friend said temporary curriculum was awesome!!)
  • Free desk moved out of garage into bedroom-old broken table carried by hubby to the garbage.
  • Made a dinner of fried chicken for people who can have carbs. (I had leftover grilled chicken.)
  • Entertained a good friend and her children this afternoon.
  • Allowed neighbor kid to come over and swim.
  • Did 1 and a half loads of laundry. Maybe more later.
  • Washed dishes twice.
  • Wiped down table twice.
  • Almost swept a room, sorta.
  • Convinced myself I was a good mom and a domestic goddess many times.
  • Did not go back to bed when I should not have-got up and made appointments on time.
  • Told myself I was good enough, smart enough and doggone it, people like me at least a hundred times.
  • Got Lilly to piano class almost on time.
  • Picked Lilly up from piano almost on time.
  • Blogged.

I should go to bed-it has been a full day. Is it really only 8 o'clock? Geez. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

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Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

it's such a glamorous life we lead......yet, someone has to do it!