Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Kayla!

Today is Kayla's 11th birthday. She could very easily pass for a few years older. A fact that bothers me. We have had a wonderfully busy day as birthdays always are around here. It all started with a church pool party which had nothing to do with Kayla, except that it was on her birthday!!! We took cupcakes and the group sang Happy Birthday to her! Then we went to my mom's house where I colored my Mom's hair and shaved my stepdad. When I get my beautician's license they won't be able to afford me...bruhahaha. Then we headed home where there was a card waiting in our door for the birthday girl. She was very excited and thrilled with the contents. After Dad got home we headed down to the annual sidewalk chalk contest where everyone but the birthday girl got a 1st place trophy-that kinda stinks. She laughs it off though. Red Lobster was our next stop and much seafood was devoured by all-crab legs for b-day girl. (Important note-I did not break my diet but biscuits and a baked potato came home with me for my hour tomorrow!! I had already used up my hour on dove brownies at the pool party).

We made a quick stop at Goody's and picked up the two remaining bargains in the store. Hee hee. Shoes for Kayla-always more shoes for Kayla. She had better enjoy it. Size 7 at age 11 is nice but I wonder what size she will stop at?? 10? 11?? The shoe selections at those sizes is not so good.

So now I am totally exhausted and I am off to bed. Tomorrow Gray Gray is going to the vet and I am getting a hair cut (all of them really-heehee).

Happy Wednesday!!

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hulagirlatheart said...

I'm an all crabs legs girl, too. Happy birthday Kayla!

You know, when I was a kid, I thought it amusing that my mother was always perming and coloring my grandmother's hair. Thirty plus years later I finally understand why. What's that Disney song? The Circle of Life....