Sunday, July 13, 2008


I am back!! I took Friday night and all day Saturday to spend some time yard-saling(I mean having one at her house!) with a friend I hardly ever get to see. My girls spent the night with my mom. This meant Saturday was kid-free and so we got to visit all day-uninterupted except to stop and make money. It was hot, humid(sweltering, actually) but very fun. She is a single mom and so she just does not have alot of free time when I do. We have to really work to make time for one another.

I stand by my decision to not have my own yard sales. The people watching is a hoot though if you are working with a friend!! So I have a few friends who let me participate in theirs if I want to. That is enough for me. Plus, the money I did make was handy because 3 wedding showers in a row plus a string of birthday parties put a pretty big strain on our already bursting at the seams budget!!

Monday starts Bible school. My one break of the summer. As a 24/7 mom, breaks are very few and far between. I am just thankful one of our local churches is so generous to A) still have daytime Bible school and B) invite the community. Other than a teeny favor for a friend each day I will have free time to get my house in order after yard sale stuff perusing-you know where you are desperately pulling out all the crap you are not using and boxing it up? There is much order to be restored. I hope you are having a great Sunday. We are getting caught up on stuff and listening to ****albums****. I am enjoying our record player almost as much as Erik-just not nearly as often.

Whatever happened to Huey Lewis and the News? I always loved their videos.

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