Monday, July 14, 2008


Double entendre title. One thing is, of course, that I am tired. The other is that my weight has reached a plateau of minus 20 and holding. The scale hasn't budged in about 3 weeks and that makes me really tired!! Very frustrating. During my hour I can eat whatever I want in whatever quantity I want. This usually means I am eating a TON of food. I think it may be time to start scaling back-if I want to start scaling back, you know what I mean? Twenty pounds is probably all I am going to lose until I stop eating a full carb rich supper plus half a bag of m & m-ity goodness.

Is it wrong if communication with a good friend breaks down to blogs exclusively? What if that is how you learn she is going to be a grandma? I suppose I shall extend her some grace for a crazy busy time of year (especially with season passes and all) and still continue to love her-but only if she calls me sometime soon. (ie.-this week) After that, she will have to woo me back with her incredible sense of humor.

Another one of my friends is moving to Chicago. Why can't all these far away places take someone else's friends?! She is probably moving on July 31st. She has been warning me about it for years-they are a moving family and they had been here a long time. WAH. I don't have to like it. They have their new house picked out and the relocation company made them a great offer on their house here, so things are moving rather quickly now. Our friendship will survive it. The good ones can always withstand a move.

Sorry-I am totally whiney today. I think it may be PMS week-especially since Erik seems to be VERY busy with yard stuff this week. Always a sure bet it is time when he gets scarce after supper time. ( ; Smart man. If only he could teach those pesky kids.

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Mia said...

In my defense I tried to call you yesterday in the morning to see if you wanted to go to the discount book store. Yes the answering machine picked I didn't leave a message : (