Friday, July 11, 2008

3 Incredibly Random Confessions

  1. I have an annoying compulsion to identify the dead animals we pass in the road and/or by the road. I am powerless-I am sickened and yet compelled.
  2. I love candles and air fresheners. If money were no object, we would have those built in air freshers in ever room-clean laundry/clean linen/clean cotton is my abslute favorite scent but I also love other clean smells and cranberry-ish smells. Some people really enjoy cleaning their house so it smells good-I enjoy a nice smelling candle or air freshener.
  3. I prefer to sleep completely cocooned in covers in a very cold room. I settle for snuggling covers up to my chin instead-because I enjoy sleeping with my husband more. One of my children is also a coccooner.

How about you? 3 incredibly random confessions, any of you'uns that will!


E.T.'s Mom said...

That reminds me of my college years. We had "good housekeeping" once a week and I would spray cleaner - the lemon scented pledge usually - into the air in front of the door. My theory was that if it smelled like we'd cleaned, the RA wouldn't look so hard to see if we really did. I guess it worked, we never got a pink slip. :D

Mia said...

1.I have 3 pillows, two blankets folded up and a piece of foam to prop up my side of the bed. I can't stand laying flat when I sleep
2.I love to watch old episodes of WKRP In Cincinnati on
3.I haven't returned a call from my good friend......sorry! : (