Monday, July 21, 2008

Eating An Elephant... bite at a time. I am at a halfway point on my lesson plans. WAHOO!! Of course our marathon days at the library have come to an end so I will have to work to give myself the same sort of time frame at home. I am now trying to map out our Science in a way that corresponds with the literature I am teaching. So far so good. It is almost like they are made to go together-the science and literature-but they are intensely different!!

We walked through the yard of DREAM HOUSE yesterday. The yard is the coolest yard I have ever seen in the middle of town. Like a secret garden. Even the alley was cool. Today we had the keys and went through the actual house. We all love it. ALOT. It makes my heart hurt to think of all the potential there. But then my head kicks in with all the money it would cost to do it. We have decided after much deliberation that it just requires deeper pockets than ours. Someone will snatch it up and restore it and we will feel that "what might have been" feeling. This isn't the first ship we have let sail without us. Someday our ship will come and we will know it. We won't have an aching dread and fear in the back of our minds about it either. We wish you smooth sailing DREAM HOUSE.

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Amy said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my post the other day.

And I'm sorry you had to watch your dream house sail away.

Years ago there was this beautiful Victorian in the perfect part of town that we would have loved to have, but the time and money that it would have taken to restore it....well let's just say, we knew that we did not have enough of either.....

Years later, it hurts my heart (just a little) when I see it...It is now beautiful...and they even added little stained glass windows that look over the wrap around porch.


I have a dream of one day having a beautiful stained glass window in my home...You never know......"Are you there God?...It's me Amy.":)

Good going on your lesson plans..I know how much work that is, and it's rewarding when you finish!:)

God Bless,