Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Happy Father's Day!! All of the fathers in my life were celebrated with yesterday which meant the main father in my life-Erik-got to spend the afternoon any way he wanted to. So after church we went boating!! We had alot of fun, the water temperature was great and the weather was HOT-both of those things equal good boating weather. This was our first swimming while boating voyage of the year. The water was too cold last time, so we fished (if you recall).

We should have been home mowing the yard-but I am glad we weren't.

I should not tell you about this, but Robin at Pensieve is giving away coupons to sample a new Kraft food item!! The odds are better than a Pioneer Woman give-away so give her some comment love and enter the random drawing that takes place TOMORROW!

PS. Our preacher provided an open mic day for people to brag on their dads. It was wonderful. Especially the last one which was an absolute tear jerker shared by none other that the talented blogger, Sandy. It is always nice to end a church service with tears. It's funny to see all the ladies trying to fix their eye make-up without a mirror. Thanks for sharing, Sandy. You blessed everyone's heart with your sweet tribute-especially that lucky step-dad of yours!


hulagirlatheart said...

I'm generally surprised at how often something in church makes me cry. I'm such a sap. It's one of the reasons I sit in the back.

Congratulations on the 17 pounds. That is outstanding!!

Sandy said...

**Blushing** I'm really not sure what got into me, but thanks for the kudos :-)