Monday, June 16, 2008


So far this is what my summer has been. I will get that organized after____. The blank has been filled in with many numerous things the latest being after we get back from our trip (we are going soon and I am so excited!!). The result is that we are living pretty much in chaos right now. So I thought I would make a list of things I need t do just so I can wrap my mind around it all.

  • Get my school stuff sorted through and lesson plans made. This is my number one priority right now though you couldn't guess it as it simmers away on a back burner.
  • Un-needed school stuff needs to be ebayed. There is much to be ebayed. Even if it sells for chump change, I am glad it is going somewhere ELSE!! I would paperback swap it but those books just sit on a shelf and wait. I am limited to how much patience I can have doing that!
  • Do some major decluttering-AGAIN. Lilly's birthday brought some new things in and made me realize for the hundredth time how much stuff we have that we don't need.
  • Clean the rat hole. This is what I affectionately call Erika's room. (There really are not any rats but the kittens have a blast when they go in there!) She is so neat and artistic in many ways and yet her room is full of piles of this and that. We have been working on it off and on for many days. I planned to do it while she was at camp but once I got in there, I decided this joyful journey would be best traveled with her. (Translation-such a large mess would be quite a lesson for her to learn from unless I did it for her.) Her room remains half painted and half trimmed until we get it cleaned to a point where we can move the furniture to the painted side of the room. I will not be taking pictures. I moan everytime I go in there and wish I was Samantha from bewitched. (I would love to wiggle my nose and do all my work and I would not have obeyed a bit if my husband said not to!)
  • Get the remaining kittens into new homes. There are 3 left. (Two were returned leaving us with 4 and then I took one to my stepfather because he loves cats.) They really cute but they are driving us crazy. I am scooping the litter box every day and this is a chore I do not wish to do daily.
  • Kayla's birthday party is just around the corner-and then Erika's two weeks after that. Although I am not doing big production numbers for them, they still require some planning and shopping (planning mostly done by the girls, shopping together).

(Sometimes I think I have a parentheses addiction.) So that is basically everything I need to do. Blogging it is just so much easier than doing it!! Off to work I go. Rathole, here I come. (With much reluctance, I might add!)

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, geesh.

Miss you..been decorating for next week's vbs.
Your girls should come.

MAYBE someday we can come for a visit.
Some dreams come true...........