Saturday, June 14, 2008

Buffet Mindset

I'm almost scared to post it but I have lost one more pound which puts me at -17 pounds. I am now losing no more than a pound a week. Sometimes no pounds but that is okay-as long as the scale number keeps going down, I can be patient. I gained it over a long period of time so I can lose it over a long period of time.

Lilly and I went to a chinese buffet Thursday after I took her skating. It was dreadful. Not the food, the food was delicious as it always is. What was dreadful was the way the other customers were acting. I don't guess I had ever looked around before. They were all shoveling their food in as fast as possible, yelling at their kids, kids were being awful. Now, I won't get up on a high horse here-I have certainly shoveled some food in, had misbehavin' kiddos, and yelled at my kids before. I was just seeing us through the eyes of the sweet little workers and wondering what their opinion of Americans is. Can you imagine watching gluttony day in and day out? It would sort of make you sick after a while, wouldn't it? I wanted to defend myself-I don't always eat like this-IT'S MY HOUR! We don't usually consume like this, we just want to get our money's worth! Maybe they already know that-but looking at the waistlines of them versus the waistlines of most Americans, it is pretty clear we are quite a gluttonous group of people.

I think we are, as a country, pretty much living loud all seven deadly sins.

Ain't this a cheery post? When it's in my head, I gotta get it down or it bounces around forever.


Ami said...

Congrats on the 17 lbs. That's really wonderful!

Who cares what people think? Really.

I mean, you can think about what they think, but will it make you change?

If not, then don't worry.


Mia said...

Hey, for about a year I had the inside track on the Chinese Buffet....and yes that's exactly what they think alot of the time
: (