Thursday, June 12, 2008


All of my little birdies are home in their nests again. They fought a little on the way home just to make sure they still knew how. Still proficient. They got to stay up every night until 11:30 but then had to be up by 6:30. That is kind of mean. Makes for some very tired campers by week's end. Lilly missed them sooo much. It is so hard to be the youngest (I know this from experience!). You live and breathe for your sisters, practically worshipping the ground they walk on and they constantly just want to get away from you. Then the day comes when you get that they don't want you around and you branch out outside the family. It is amazing how easy it is for loyal, people-pleasing youngest children to make friends. It is also amazing how the sibling bond will never be as strong once the youngest child falls "out of love" with her sisters. I love my sisters very much-but I remember when they were my whole world. I had hoped it would be different with my 3, that they would be close and sweet. So far this is not the case. Not for lack of praying on my part though! Perhaps someday when they are grown.

The camp verdict: they had sooo much fun. They are both wanting to go back again next year. I am glad about that. Lilly will be old enough to go as well. This was after they told me they had church every day. So that is a good thing, right? Erika won a plaque as a junior camper-most athletic. She also was the champion "bull-rider" of the entire camp. Apparently they had a makeshift bull and she not only beat it once, but twice. Not an expected activity but I know she is proud to have won it all.

I have been caught up on laundry since the new washer was installed. I fear that streak may have come to a screeching halt as I look at the mounds of camp laundry.

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