Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese

Last night was, of course, Lilly's official family birthday celebration (not to be confused with the unofficial family birthday celebration she will share with her cousin this Saturday). Since almost half the family is away at camp still-she had her mom and dad to herself! We began our extravaganza at Red Lobster. It was so good. The best hour I have had in a while. Red Lobster is my most favorite restaurant in the world. (Keep in mind my world dining is limited to a very few US cities.)(I have also brainwashed all of my children to love it best as well.) After the meal, they brought her ice cream with chocolate sauce and sang Happy Birthday. She wore her tiara the whole time (best 25 cents I ever spent!). Total amount spent: $29.56-but we had a $20 gift card from Christmas.

Then we poured ourselves into a wheelbarrow and they rolled us out to the van. Next stop, Chuck's place. We don't like to eat there because we hate his pizza-but we love the games. I'm not certain who had more fun, Lilly or her Dad. I also played a little skee-ball. I got an all time high of 320,000 because the 2nd 100,000 ball I shot was number 10 and did not count. I love skee-ball. (not as much as Red Lobster, though) We cashed in all those tickets and our $10.00 worth of tokens and tickets got Lilly an...***drum roll please***...empty tiny metal lunchbox. We also purchased a balloon. Total amount spent: $12.11. Total fun had: too much to measure adequately.

Next stop, Toys R Us. That cool giraffe called Lilly and told her happy birthday. He also sent her a gift card for $3. He also promised her a surprise when she came into the store. Total amount spent on new goggles, new baby bottles, a CARS poster for Dad, and clearance postal paper for Mom-$7.56. Free surprise-another balloon!!

Our night of fun was around $50 and we all had a blast!

Today we are enjoying home-maybe a short trip to the library.


Mia said...

you all just have more fun that should legally be allowed

hulagirlatheart said...

I refuse to go back to Chuck's place until they start selling margaritas. That place is LOUD. I'm all about the skee-ball though. How come it feels like a guilty pleasure? Tell me you ate a garlic biscuit for me.

E.T.'s Mom said...

That is so cool! Sounds like a blast. Happy Birthday, Lilly!