Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just for me...

We had a prayer workshop today at church that was the shortest 6 hours of my life. I swear God orchestrated the whole thing just for me. The speaker even said at one point that his heart felt very heavy for someone and I thought if he looked at me I would burst into tears and he would know. He didn't and I waited many times for him to be approachable, as in-not surrounded by people-but the moment never came. Tha's okay, his words were God's words and they were exactly what I needed to hear AND, knowing God, I wasn't the only one that felt like the whole thing was orchestrated for my benefit.

Maybe, just maybe I can emerge from the lowest part of the valley. Little by little, inch by inch.


Mama Mia said...

Please tell me our recent conversation has not been a hinderance to your climbing out of the valley? : (

Julie Anne said...

Hi Janice...popping in to let you know I still read your blog and am, in fact, still living.

A prayer workshop sounds wonderful. So glad God put you there. His timing is flawless.

Love you,