Sunday, May 25, 2008

More God

Those of you who don't know Him or want to know Him can roll your eyes and skip on to the next blog if you wish. It's going to be one of THOSE posts.

The two things that most stand out to me from the prayer seminar are some wondrous and dynamic tidbits of information that came along just when I needed them. God's timing is always perfect. Here they are and why they are so powerful to me.

  • "Do not allow any apparent contradictory circumstance to detract you. If you do so, you miss the blessing." This concept knocked me on my rear, in a good way. The speaker then went on to elaborate how hard it must have been for Abraham to trust God-the promise of Isaac and the sacrifice that wasn't. The seemingly unnecessary years Joseph spent in prison. Thomas doubting Christ. All of those things were necessary for God to bless them in a mighty way. Why do we think our blessings should come at no personal cost or pain?
  • God MUST be invited into our lives to be in fellowship with us. Sure, he's always there and the Holy Spirit is indwelling within us-but for God to actively be in our lives and be involved, it requires an invitation from us. He stands at the door and knocks-we must invite Him in. I have been inviting like crazy. In fact, I have been boldly demanding things from Him-things like a prayer service tonight that would lift my head. He delivered and how. Abundant blessing and four friends who just became much better friends! The realization that I need to pray more with my friends also came. I used to do so very often but I let it fall away. (I missed you and thanked God for you Steph S.!! Our praying time together still blesses me.)
  • Praying with your spouse will lower yours odds of divorce to 1 chance in 1000. I want that kind of insurance. I want that kind of intimacy. I am praying it is a new habit I can start.

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That is really good stuff.