Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'm a Postie!!

**hopefully I can get these codes figured out soon!!Nevermind-I think they are right now!!**
I did it!! Proving that any one of you can do it to as your computer knowledge far exceeds mine!!

I've often thought that since I spend so much time blogging and keeping up with my favorite blogs-I should do a little something to make money at it. Then I go to an ad page site and freak out a little. Then I decide nevermind. So I go to pay per post and read about them. It seems legitimate. It seems like I can pick and choose things that interest me-and hopefully will interest you as well. The criteria is very straightforward. It seems fairly easy to do and I can do it as frequently or infrequently as I would like.

I am providing you with the link and therefore the opportunity as well. You can wait if you want and let me be your guinea pig, I don't mind. I will absolutely let you know how it turns out but I think it is going to be a very worthwhile thing. My service so far has been very prompt and friendly.

Here is how it works. You click this link and submit your information. Then you wait for your blog to be approved. The approval process is very quick. The website has several pages of advertising opportunities. You just click the ones you want to do and write your post according to the criteria.

I promise to let you know exactly how things turn out. I highly recommend going ahead and getting your blog approved though if you are interested.

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MOM #1 said...

I saw this before and saved the link, but never had the nerve to really try it.

I guess I felt that I didn't want to post about random stuff on my blog. I just use it for homeschool related stuff and generic family stuff... you know just life.

Are you creating a separate blog for your pay per post or just trying to incorporate it into this blog?

Sorry so many questions, inquiring minds (well, I) want to know.

Thanks for playing Guinea Pig. That's very nice of you, LOL.

I found your blog through Ami's Say Something Saturday, just in case you think I'm a psycho internet stalker. ;-)