Saturday, May 03, 2008

Say Something Saturday

If only I hadn't slept in today. If I'd gotten up early instead, then missing most of the yard sales and bargains wouldn't have happened.

Our day today:
Sleeping in for me, cartoons for the kids
Housework-very light but neccessary
Birthday Party
Dressing change for Mom
Lilly spendng the night with her cousin
A very brief trip to the mall-no purchases
Sam's club visit
Kroger visit

Tomorrow is as full as a tick on a hound dog too. The family will be splintered in 4 different directions. Wowee what a weekend!!


kitten said...

I had a jammed pack day also! I need a vacation!

MOM #1 said...

You're too busy for me. We spent all day Saturday hanging out at the pool, then going inside and playing pool and then eating and watching movies.

May I introduce you to "Slacker Parenting 101." HeeHee