Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Head May Explode

Or not. I keep trying to determine if I am stressed out or just a little overscheduled. The results seem to be the same either way. Many things are going on today that are pushing my buttons.

  • I am giving up talk radio for a while. Except the ONE, you know, Bill O'Reilly. He doesn't hype it up and get all doom and gloom like some of the others are doing. I think they just mean to inform but it comes across as hype-rhymes with tripe.
  • Of course, the sink thing was not an easy fix. Our plumbing woes have been constant since we moved nto our 50+ year old bungalow. There are issues to numerous and costly to tackle them all at once so we fix them as they come along. Now one has come along that will cost us big in the manual labor department. We have to dig down to a old pipe and then replace it with PVC. I am so excited. The grunge work starts this afternoon. Come over if your bored. A kitchen pipe that was clogged and blocked with food and grease, then collapsed because it was made of a more "earth friendly" materials than PVC. Cause there was no PVC when this house was built. You can imagine what fun this will be. I will not be posting any pictures.
  • Groceries and gas are getting so expensive I could scream. I keep thinking this is a temporary thing but it does not appear to be the case. Driving back and forth to my mom's every day is really making our gas bill go through the roof. I will be so thankful to be able to at least begin growing some of our own veggies soon. Feeding a family of five just keeps getting more expensive and I am a cheap "from scratch" girl as it is!
  • I hate doing school this time of year. It is so nice outside and I just want it to be done. Of course, it isn't and so that can't be-but a girl can wish, right? I am glad I'm not a public school teacher with 25+ kids that have spring fever. 3(4 counting me) is bad enough!
  • Ebay is still shrinking my book/curriculum collection and I am very happy about that. Most of my proceeds are helping with all the extra gas we are burning and while I am not happy about that-I suppose I am thankful for the option.
  • My "diet" which really isn't-it is a whole new lifestyle not a diet-is going well. (I will never be able to go off of it because I am a carb addict.) I am still losing weight very slowly but the book warns that plateaus happen and that is just a sign that you are losing weight in a healthy, permanent way. The body constantly has to readjust itself when weight loss happens in a SLOW healthy way. Plateaus are a part of that. I feel better than I ever have and it is noce to not always be craving carbs. Psychologically though, I still want to eat carbs. I still think about them alot. Yesterday I made a carb-free soup to get me through several meals. As I ate it, all I could think about was how good it would be with some rice. I suppose I will need to eat some rice in a reward meal soon because I am really craving it lately. I am eating plenty of sweets at the reward meals so I am not craving those so much. Losing weight is the toughest battle ever. So many factors are working against me-namely 36 years of bad eating habits!! This time though, I am determined to be successful and begging God to bless my efforts.

So for now, my head seems to be explosion proofed. Just for today though. Just for today.


Jason said...

I'm glad your head didn't explode. That would be messy.

hulagirlatheart said...

Talk radio-hype equals tripe..totally agree. Sorry, but I have to lump O'Reilly in there, too.

Groceries-out of sight. I'm so tired of paying out the nose to eath healthy. The price of produce is crazy right now!

Spring fever-Can you hear the strains of Etta James' "At Last"? I do.

New eating lifestyle-Congratulations. I'm so proud of you. Slow is best, and making a lifestyle change instead of "dieting" is the way to go. Keep plugging away, and it will continue to work. Plateaus are normal. You just have to tough them out, and I know you will.