Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Feel Good...

The way that I should. Today is much better. There is a new pipe leading from our kitchen sink to the main drainpipe that goes to our septic tank. It cost us $13 and some change. Oh and lots of manual labor digging a trench on the part of hubby. I did help a little, but not much. It is hard to go a couple of days with kitchen sink woes, but I am thankful my husband made it a priority and got it done speedily. Plumbing work is really gross and disgusting, not at all a FUN do it yourself thing-but in our experience, at least so far, relatively easy. If we were richer, we would totally hire it out. We have not been intimidated by any repair since we moved into this house. We feel like we own every single square inch of it since we have done so many projects ourselves. Except electricity. Well, most electricity-we have dabbled in some small stuff. The price you pay for hired help is just not worth it-at least in my humble, tightwad world.

Today is the second to last co-op meeting. I can feel the tension escaping from my body. Next week is all finals and I am so happy, so very happy. Of course that won't finish school-we will still have another month but that will be my month, my school stuff so it will feel totally different. (If we do it...haha, I'm totally hoping that I am kidding!) (Remember co-op held me accountable!!)

IT is also church night and we may or may not be able to attend because we have a little ditch to fill in. (The silicone seal had to be left out overnight to dry.) I plan on early bedtime tonight. My butt is totally draggin'.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Amy said...

I'm glad you feel better today (and famous). ;)
God Bless,

Mama Mia said...

jan, you are the best!

thruchildeyes said...

You overachiever, you. I saw you. You were there tonight.