Monday, April 21, 2008


I feel tired and BLAH today. Yesterday was entirely overscheduled but fun. I love my church friends so much. I have so many. None of them are my BEST friends but I have so many that are good friends it almost makes up for it.

Major Digression: (This is a total lie, I long for a BEST friend with every fiber of my being-I just know it can't be. Not having/being a best friend is something I have struggled with since my last BEST friend and I parted ways. No-fight, just different life paths. I have had many best friends through the years. All with that BEST FRIEND COMMON DENOMINATOR-spending every available moment together. Is this possible for me anymore? NO. Does that break my heart a little bit? Yes and no. I know I have too many other responsibilities that tug at me to ever have a BEST friend again. Plus my hubby really fills that role now-but you know, he's a guy and it really isn't the same.)

So anyway, yesterday at church, I realized what a blessing it is to be a part of such a loving church. I've moaned and groaned about this church so many times. They are so much like family it blows my mind. Part of that means that things-certain issues-get on my nerves so bad I could just scream and then at the very same time, I love everybody so much it makes my heart hurt a little.

Yesterday, I barely skated into church at the very last moment. I faced some very heavy teasing about it, visited in the foyer a bit and then got my kiddos and hurried to Walmart and then back to my home-the destination of our care group. I had every intention of being at church-but things kept happening beyond my control. The house was mostly clean because Friday, I did heavy duty cleaning and we have managed to maintain that. The snag was that I had to bake something for a church mission bake sale. I could not muster up the energy to do this Sat. night, so I just planned on getting up early Sunday-which I did. The recipe did not go as planned. Snag #1. Snag #2-Erik did not take the kids with him to church. He always does. This means I had to run them to Sunday school which was not part of my morning plan. 20 minutes of crititcal preparing time-POOF-gone. I stop by the store to get plastic wrap and hurriedly make it back home. The chili is happily simmering along, the dessert is now ready, the potatoes are ready for baking, the house is ready to vacuum, All is well. Then I notice SNAG #3-the mother of all snags. Both of my sinks are clogged and backed up. One of them had been full of dishwater and I let it out. Much to my dismay it had merely emptied halfway into the other sink and both were full of sudsy dirty water. I go ahead and vacuum and then deal with hauling water outside to empty my sinks. Most all of it anyway. I put the potatoes in, hurriedly do my hair and make-up and head to church at 10:50. Church starts at 10.

It all turned out OK and we make it back home before anyone and find the last little bit of water left in the sink drained on out. We also noticed our big-as-a-house pregnant cat was in her labor box. Please God, I've been trying so hard to be a good girl. Please please do not have our cat have kittens during care group. Please. (Thank you God for your mercy on me!)

Care group was great, discussion was good and we ended early due to a bridal shower and Gray Gray had her 1st of 5 babies about 20 minutes after the last people left.

And I wonder why we don't have people over more often. HA!


~ Stephanie. said...

and welcome to another "marathon Sunday" as I call them!

I missed you Sunday - I was looking for you during prayer time, so even though you weren't there you should know that you were prayed for!

hulagirlatheart said...

But it's oh so exciting this way, isn't it? Isn't it??

Amy said...

Great post!.....We don't have people over often either.....:)

Becky K. said...

Oh, I related to so many of the things you said.

Especially about the best friend and the friends at church part.

My better friends tend to be the ones that I have most in common with...the people at church just can't fit that criteria. They are at different stages.

My best friend from years ago visited this past weekend but like yours we are just living different lives now. It is fun to get together...but different than when we would talk for hours on the phone...or get together to chat while the kids played.

Maybe this is just how it is when our kids are at a certain stage...I don't know.

Anyway...all of that to say..
I hear you!

Becky K.

thruchildeyes said...

My oh my, I had no idea that was behind the wonderful hostessing of this past Care Group. You handled it all in stride.