Thursday, April 03, 2008


I took my oldest kids to a community wide abstinence talk last night. The speaker was Keith Deltano. I was pretty sure he would not be covering anything I had not covered. But oh how I was wrong. However, I am not sorry we went. He was funny, thought provoking, action-inspiring and his parent talk was above top notch. He affirmed most of what I'm already doing but it was good to hear to reinforcement-usually we get, "Oh you are so overprotective. You're sheltering your kids from the world they are gonna have to live in. They are just gonna be crippled when they get older by all the sheltering you have done." They are gonna be shocked by what they see and hear for sure, but crippled?? I don't think so.

My biggest thing I overlooked-not teaching my children what the actual word abstinence means and also since I have taught them from an early age that sex is for marriage, I don't think it occurred to them that anyone did it any differently. Those are huge things to overlook!! However, the lines of communication are more open than they have ever been so it is all good.

Accolades to our church for communicating very clearly what a great program it was!! (That means you, Mike!)

PS. IF you don't have a filter on your computer, go to and get yourself one. I downloaded one last night-talk about waiting until the last minute!!! (My kids hardly ever get on the computer and they are supervised when they do!) There is one called K-9 that is free so make no excuses-at least get that one. No one needs to see some of the crap that is out there!!


~ Stephanie. said...

totally agree! It was a great program for everyone!

Steph said...

My kids don't know any different either about sex outside marriage. They have had several opportunities to put two and two together and haven't yet, so I haven't told them. I know it is not far off. Naomi will be ten soon. By the way, I also am about the tiredest I have been in a while so I won't call. Soon though. Love ya.

Keith Deltano said...

Hey, Keith Deltano here, thanks for your comments, but most importantly, thanks for taking your kids and discussing this issue with them. Also, your readers may want to know about my Christian site, I use comedy to deal with many serious issues, sexual abstinence is one of them.