Friday, April 04, 2008

Miscellaneous Musings

  • In trying to effectively communicate how free I feel from my own carb addiction, I was IN ABSOLUTELY NO WAY indicting anyone else of being a carb addict. I just wanted to convey the deep sense of relief I feel at being "normal" since Monday. I didn't think you could possibly understand the difference in me without the description. It is a powerful difference. I promise there is no hidden agenda that I am trying to make you see the truth of your addiction-you probably just enjoy eating-it is normal to enjoy eating, everyone is not a carb addict. If you related to the paragraph, the book will help. If the paragraph gave you some sense of guilt that is misplaced, the book will be a waste of money for you!! Some people just like cake...( ; This blog is all about ME, get over yourselves already. (heavy sarcasm intended!)
  • I know road rage is very common, but for the most part not something I struggle with. If you must do something stupid while driving, do it in front of me. I will give you a sympathetic wave and will not hunt you down and ride your bumper for a mile giving you a mean look. However, yesterday I experienced "RUDE RAGE". I was sitting in line waiting at a covered doorway- because it was raining CATS AND DOGS- to unload my mom who is now wheel-chair bound and then go and park. She had a dr. appt. and we were quite early because I just never know how long anything will take so I keep us running early. I watch 3 different cars park and run in for a minute because it is raining and they don't want to get wet. None of them parked here for any reason other than selfishness and I was fuming. It took all my inner strength not to say, "Hey, I am waiting to unload a wheelchair here, what are you doing!!!????" We were right on time for our appointment waiting for two people parked to just run in for whatever and one other hubby who was dropping his wife off and smoking while she ran in for whatever. There are alot of handicapped people in the world...this is rude!! Ever unloaded a wheelchair in the rain?? It soaks you to the bone. It was a very frustrating day all around. People are very rude when it is raining. The other day when the sun was out people were going above and beyond to be polite and helpful-but on rainy days-people suck. (IMHO)
  • Today was my long awaited hair appointment. 10AM. To say I was excited is the understatement of the century. It is now rescheduled. BAH HUMBUG.
  • Today is now a relaxed day, no where that we have to be, nothing pressing that we have to do until later. I am going to savor that. It is raining, of course. Thank you God for keeping everything watered, it looks lovely and green. We don't want another drought this summer, so do what you gotta do. ( :

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