Friday, February 22, 2008

Gimme A Break!

All of my fingers and toes are crossed. There is a big chance that Erik and I will have a night and day away from home and the girls will have a fun overnight at a friend's house. The weather seems to be cooperating...Erik's work is SO FAR cooperating...the friend is very excited to have the girls over. I'm scared to get excited as we have been juggling so many things to even have the possibility of this...if one ball won't happen, at least not like we prefer it to happen. I will get excited when we are in the car on our way...pulling in the driveway of the hotel. I should also mention this is a workshop for church so there will be friends, games and fun involved. I can't wait.

Yesterday involved snuggling and finishing The Goose Girl audio book-but there were no cookies, breads or crafts. Today there probably won't be either, although we MIGHT make some playdough. I just didn't want to be misleading! The best laid plans often go awry around these parts. It was an optimistic post.

We have lots and lots to do today, so I have to get hoppin!! Have a great weekend!


thruchildeyes said...

Hope it all works out and we can be happily kidless this evening!

Jason said...

Everyone needs time away now and then. Right now it seems like you could especially use a dose of it. I hope it all worked out.

Love the new family pic by the way. What a nice looking family!

Sandy said...

Google Reader let me read your deleted post... if it makes you feel any better, John said you were dead-on in what you said today, even if you did say it three or four or eleven times :-D. And I feel the same way about talking in groups, from a totally different perspective. People seem to 'get' what John says, and I feel like I need a translator. He says I'm too sensitive and overanalytical about it, but the whole thing has the opposite effect on me: I rarely speak up! Somewhere there's a happy medium... I'm glad you and Erik were there.

Deborah said...

So sorry you have the hives, I hope you're feeling better !

I've so been there with opening my mouth and then wishing I hadn't (even though I was also asked :)
I'm sorry you're feeling the way you are !