Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Not enough to amount to anything, but enough to have three little girls squealing and watching out the window, okay 3 little girls and one mom. However, it is a school day and since we don't have bus safety to worry about, snow does not cancel our school. Nor holidays. I am the grinch that stole holiday vacation days. They got to "lay around the shack" yesterday, so today is back to reality.

I have 102 projects going around the house and then the deadline on most of my part of the ministry fair. It is going very well. I have learned that emails must be very specifically sent or there is little response to them. People are so funny. And busy, everyone is soo busy, I wonder what we are all doing?? Hamsters in a wheel? It seems like I am not accomplishing all that much, and yet I work all the time to get that little accomplished. I think Satan smiles at our busyness. He has us right where he wants us. Too busy to do the work of the Kingdom. To busy to love our neighbor. I'm getting back to work, but first, cyberneighbors- I love you!

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Becky K. said...

Yes, we are too busy! I am hoping to stop myself more often before saying, "Sure, I can do that!" It is a very bad habit of mine!
Becky K.