Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I'm a posting fool today!! Too much time alone while the other four members of my family vegged out in front of the tube. It was a glorious day, I have gotten alot done without having to worry about occupying the time of others. I have cooked two nice meals today-spaced out in such a way as to be brunch and lupper. By 5 PM I declared the kitchen closed and have enjoyed its tidiness ever since. I think they enjoyed a day of nothingness together as well. They all definitely needed a break from me!! (Too much of a good thing, you know.)

So, I have been in these pajamas since last night and I am anticipating a glorious bubble bath soon in my nice clean tub. I have also been off and on the computer all day as time has allowed. This means I have been catching up on my blog reading and I am posting now for the third time. Nut.

Anyway, I have to make a special note of Steph R's blog because it is a reminder to me of my recent study in the "How To Love Someone You Can't Stand" book. It seems like just yesterday I was all focused on being nicer, blessing and not cursing, praying for people who annoy me and yet???? So quickly I have slacked right on off of it. Why is it so easy to become distracted and fall right back into an old habit-a sinful one at that??

Also, Jason's story is really challenging me on a subject I have always know I was unclear on. I am way less clear than ever. I do know that Jason is a man of very noble character and he has my complete respect. He tried really hard to follow the "rules".

Finally, Patrick Mead is just knocking my socks off with his anwers to our questions. OF course, he is just a man and can't speak for God-but I love the obvious thought and Biblical study that has so obviously gone into each answer. I also love the way he is handling the attacks and constant scrutiny he faces as a "liberal"(Completely different meaning, y'all. This one means focusing more on grace than works which is not common among C of C) Church of Christ-er.

Naturally, I cannot showcase all the blogs I am reading. I am pretty faithful to my blogroll though. I love the blogosphere!! I love the fact that my husband read my blog the other day and very promptly removed the tree. I did not nag or speak ill of him. He just felt it was something he needed to do. We are communicating more through this blog than any other way. Mostly because I am much much nicer in writing. I have no filter in conversation, no edit button!! I am sarcastic and botchy in real life. Much better to just read. Sorry honey, I am working on it. Also, that botchy-ness is on the slate for the Dr. appt. as well. PMS/thyroid/hormones have all run amuck and it is making us all a bit sick of the crazy shrieking mom. Unfortunately, Hubby gets the brunt. He does, however, also benefit from the ovulation days-so it's all good. ( ;

So anyway, it has been a great year so far. I have almost been nice all day. I have accomplished alot. I will sleep beautifully tonight after staying up late last night and working hard all day. I just love a fresh year. It's even better than a Monday.

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