Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fun New Fact

You know those people who play "clock games"? The ones who have no clock set the same way, most of them set ahead anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes? Those weird people who make you glad you wear a watch OR nowadays, carry a cell phone(the cool person watch)? You know the ones I mean??? That's us. Even the vehicles clocks are not set to current time. We do this in hopes of not merely being on time, but being *GASP* early. The bedroom clocks are the worst-at least 30 minutes ahead but possibly more like 45. Hubby has his set to trick him into immediate action and because I am a lemming(or too OCD to handle two different times looking across the bed at each other), I set mine for exactly the same time. Yes, this is leading somewhere, Smartypants!

Now that you know the clock quirk in my bedroom, you can imagine how disoriented to time I am when I wake up. Couple this with the fact that my children brag that they get up at 6AM when it is really more like 7:15(They are NOT even looking at clocks-just the fact that the sun is not fully up yet.)(HELLO-if the sun is not up yet, stay in bed!!!!!!!)(Don't get me wrong, that is still amazingly early for kids who would certainly be allowed to sleep in!!), I never really know what time it is until I turn on the radio.

Next tidbit of TMI? Hubby and I are snugglers. I snuggle with him when I come to bed because he is my own personal heater. I am always freezing and he is always soooooooo warm. Then, once he is throwing off covers because he is on fire, I roll over to my side of the bed and we sleep each on our own side. (I am leaving out some mighty fine details in there-MIGHTY're welcome) In the morning time, hubby is the snuggler. He usually wakes up and bear hugs me if he has some extra time to do so. On his days off, I wake up hugged and I LOVE IT.

Fianlly, I am ready to share my story. This morning, my dog woke me up about 5:30(refer to clock craziness which means I have no idea what time it really was). It was COLD last night. Teens cold. I walk him to the door and Toby said, "Nevermind, it's too cold. I don't have to pee." (He says the same thing when its raining.) So I grabbed him by the collar and said, "Oh no you don't. It is cold and I was sleeping very well. You don't get to wake me up like that and then not go out." I'm soooo sweet like that. Not a selfish bone in my body. So out he went and I went to pee as well and then folded the towels on the couch until he was done. He was back real quick and came in. We both go back to bed and he is in the bed (not typical) because it was darn cold. He sleeps at the foot of the bed and tries to be inconspicuous because sometimes, if he isn't, Erik makes him go away. When it is cold, he is VERY POLITE and extremely INCONSPICUOUS because he wants to stay.

I lay back down and go directly to death sleep for the rest of my sleep time. I wake up at 8:12(your guess is as good as mine as to what time that really was) and feel hubby snuggled up right next to my back and FREAK OUT because he should have left a long time ago to get to work. (He is not allowed to be late-EVAH.)(So oversleeping would be a BIG deal!!) So I sit up and look over to his side to FREAK HIM OUT TOO!! only to discover that it is Toby. Stretched out full length and snuggled right up beside me as close as he can get. (STILL COLD, I'm guessing!! I'm so glad I don't have to go outside to pee.) So of course, I recover from my freak out, wonder how I did not wake up for my goodbye kiss and go back to sleep. Until like 8:50, which is really really late to sleep in-but in real life time that is only 6:15 or so. YOU DO THE MATH!!

Good morning, cyberfriends!!


hulagirlatheart said...

Okay, I'm never folding clothes in the wee hours, even if I have time to kill while the dog is peeing. Woman, you must stop that craziness.

Jason said...

That was such a roundabout story that gave me such insight into your daily routine! And it was very funny that you thought your dog was your husband. Do you ever think your husband is your dog?

Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

Ok, that was hilarious!!!!

and I do the same thing with the dog.......if they make me get OUT of my nice warm bed then I don't care if it is raining buckets, they are going OUT to pee!