Friday, January 04, 2008


  • The ministry fair "want ads" are finished, printed and stapled. AND, someone else is running them by the church today all ready to be distributed. I only left one job(of course I remembered it at about copy 1000 of 1500) out so out of how ever many there are, that is pretty good. I did not do a final final proofread, so I am sure there are mistakes here and there too, but hopefully my church will give me a little grace. Now we switch gears to food and table lay-out. I am just weird enough to love a big project. "I love it when a plan comes together." Any guesses on what TV show featured that line?? It was a janjanmom favorite growing up.
  • Last night was a much needed, much enjoyed Mom's night out. IT started out as three friends getting together, but girlhood dramas on the homefront of one participant brought us down to two. We had good food at Applebees and then, because we are such PARTY ANIMALS did much needed shopping at WALMART. We had fun. Since we both have 3 children, hers younger than mine, it IS a treat to go do shopping without children. We concluded our night a little after midnight, and this morning I did not want to get up-but cakes called me and I had to.
  • CAKES are on the agenda for today. A two-layer cake for each one of my three children. (That means 3- 2 layer cakes if you are groggy!!) We are learning cake decorating. This means those cakes may not look like much or they could be gorgeous. Either way, I will have some major cake overflow. I think a quick stop by Hula girls house may be just what the cake fairy needs to do...
  • This place is a wreck and I must tend to it while I bake. I felt bad leaving it last night because I worked on those ministry fair papers all day, NO housework was done. IT was awful, then hubby got home and I left. He took over the children, made supper and was glad for me to "get away". Lest you think he is too perfect for words-frozen pizza was supper-and that is because he and the girls love it and I DO NOT-so maybe he is too perfect for words. Anyway, the housework remains but I would be so refreshed if I had not stayed out so late...I don't think I can complain though! Lilly even let Toby out this morning which means I got to sleep until 15 o 'clock.


Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

I have to say I am impressed. I would just make one cake mix, split into smaller pans for all the hooligans and leave it at that.

But of course, I have boys....and so I think the decorating thing wouldn't get terribly far without icing being flung at each other and sucking the icing out of the tube and such things as that, which would make the cakes not fit for human consumption....other than the human "decorating" it.

I can tell you how to make a slip n slide in the kitchen......

Mama Mia said...

"I love it when a plan comes together." Any guesses on what TV show featured that line?? It was a janjanmom favorite growing up. about "THE A-TEAM"??
I pity the fool!!! who tries to beat me at 70's-80's trivia.
Oh I cried in my pillow last night as I thought of all the laughter and fun I was missing : (

~ Stephanie. said...

Well, I did not know your tv trivia line, but I'm glad your project is coming together!

And, if you don't love frozen pizza, you should try the "California Kitchen" kind. Kevin and I love it!