Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Most Excellent Day

Last night I had a horrible reflux night, meaning I was up in the wee hours in the morning for about 3 hours. The last episode I had was the last time I posted about it, so it isn't very often but when it happens, I am miserable. I finished my sleep time on the couch in a completely upright position-so condusive to sleep(NOT!)!! Just another fun thing on my list of things to cover at my yearly check-up in Feb. I strongly dislike getting older, but it still beats the alternative.

So anyway, I was saved from a day of overtiredness by a daughter who felt worse than me this morning. She and I both stayed home from church. She took two tylenol and feels much better, I took two and a half more hours of sleep and feel much better as well. So anyway, it reminded me of the Simpson's episode where Homer stays home and has the best morning of his life. That is kind of what my sleep was akin to, the best sleep I ever had. I shut my eyes as they were leaving and when I awoke again, they were home. Wonderful restful sleep.

So anyway, the middle child is down for mandatory rest as I feel she is fighting something. 2 hours, the timer is set. After that, I told her she may arise, shower and we will assess her health for tonight's New Year's Eve Eve party at church. I think she is fine, but a little caution never hurt anyone.

I am like the energizer bunny today, getting things done left and right. So I must get off of here now or it will ruin the day!! Happy New Year's Eve Eve, Y'all!!


Julie Anne said...

Have you ever tried licorice for your reflux? John used it for a while once and it helped a lot.

Happy New Year to you guys!

stalker heather said...

Sorry you had a miserable nite....I totally slept in too! They all went to church. My poor mom called and thought I just had to be sick, cause I never bad I felt when I said, nope, I'm just taking a break:) I had one of the BEST mornings in forever.
I should have called you!
Hope you feel better...

I can out 80's sing you OR mamamia...uh huh.....okay, I forgot she was punk for awhile...I can out rap ya'll...hahaha
I LOVE it, when I see/hear the REAL lyrics and how raunchy they were when I was so sweetly singing them back then. Always nice. Except georgemichael was always pretty to tha point! I want your S**...
What about the love shack? haha

Mama Mia said...

stalker heather is that a challenge I hear?? You are on sister! lol
hey janjanmom what's a girl gotta do to get a comment or two? where are you?

hulagirlatheart said...

Our preacher spoke yesterday on the need to recharge your batteries so you can do good work. I'd say that's permission for playing hooky from least from a Methodist.