Saturday, December 29, 2007

I made it!!

It was very close, but I managed to climb down off of the pity pot. Thanks for indulging me. I face frustration like that at least once a day. It isn't that my family doesn't appreciate me, they do. My husband is awesome and almost always supportive of me(he's not perfect)(just kidding honey) but sometimes this is a hard job with very few accolades. Whah!!! I think I am done now.

I have some updating to do. We had a wonderful Christmas. We played dirty santa at both Christmas Day celebrations and it was very fun. We played without the kids at one and with the kids at the other. At my moms it was a $1 gift, at Erik's grandma's, it was $10 gifts. It was equally fun both places in my opinion, but my mom was unhappy with the quality of the gifts. All in all, I hope it is something we repeat again next year. So that means we did not have as many new gifts to feel bad about not wanting. I always feel really bad that I don't want half of the things that I get, especially in a world where there are some that have nothing-not even a glass of clean water. It doesn't make me want them more though. While I love a well-thought out gift, one that is not well thought out is just clutter. Hubby has done a great job the last few years and I have been the one purchasing him dud gifts (an extra large remote control). He puts so much thought into it and gets me stuff I really want and need. I'll do better next year.

We did get the Singstar 80's version and it was so much fun. Not the nastiness that is the Amped version. We pulled it out last night and stayed up much too late enjoying the game. We are not a singing family, but we are definitely a very competitve family. Lilly loves it so much, but it is really a challenge for her as she reads very well-but not very quickly. 99 Red Balloons is a very hard song to sing!! And one of my all-time favorite songs-Come On Eileen-has some very risque lyrics. I was so shocked I could not stop laughing to sing. Then I quoted it the rest of the night to Erik. For over 20 years I thought it was a song about a guy running down the street and trying to get Eileen to keep up with him. It is not. He is basically begging for lovin'-come on Eileen!!!! Please!!! I am still laughing at how wrong I was. Heart of Glass by Blondie has a** in it and Kayla sang it. (The game has it written just like I do. ) Then she turned 7 different colors of red and apologized. That is the worst I think. We had many laughs over Twisted Sister too!! It is a good game and I can't wait to play it again.

My house has been undecorated since Dec 26th, and yet I still have a tree in my living room. It is not something I can do alone, but I am thinking of maybe getting the girls to help me. It's dark when hubby gets home and it is really a daytime kind of job.

Monday, we are positively getting back to school. I have become a total holiday sloth. I have been keeping up with housework and laundry for the most part, but cooking has been very hit and miss! Last night I actually reheated all of our leftovers and threw out some of them when we were done. Today, we may venture out into the world to buy gift wrap(for next year!) and groceries. Or maybe one more day at home in slothville and then Monday...but then there is that whole school thing. Decisions decisions. Slothville or errands. Can you say "NO-BRAINER"?????

Boy oh boy, as I re-read this post I am startled by how awesomely nothing it is. Aren't you glad you wasted a few minutes here?


Mama Mia said...
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Mama Mia said...

This game is on our tax time wish list. Then maybe we could have a friendly E**** Family E******* Family Karaoke Smackdown Challenge???
Could've clued you in on Come On Eileen......

thruchildeyes said...

Yes, I'm glad I "wasted" a few minutes here. A few minutes with a friend is not wasted, my dear.