Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Because You WANT To Know!

AND I need to gripe somewhere!! Two Christmas purchases that absolutely SUCK-and you know I don't say that very often. One of them I am stuck with but only bought small containers for stocking stuffers. I am so hoping this post will catch some family before these two gifts are removed from the packaging!!
  1. Moon sand-doesn't work but does make a huge mess all over the hands, clothes and floor. If I am too late and you have some opened-I feel your pain. Thankfully, Santa bought small containers for our home, but he seriously considered the whole giant playset.
  2. Disney pix micro- Oh MY GOODNESS- what a tiny little piece of crap. We dug through trash to find the packaging so I can go back to where it done came from and plead for them to return it to the evil people who try to pass it off for a camera. Not only are the pictures crappy and worse than a polaroid-the software is so user unfriendly, we can only manage to download 2 of the 5 pictures. Total CRAPOLA.

I almost feel better if I kept one person out there from opening or buying either one of these products!! Don't even get me started on the Playstation 2 Sing Star game that nearly made it into my home. I ordered it online where it was stated that it had an "E" rating and gave three example songs that were not wonderful but were not bad. Then I get it and it very plainly has a "T" rating. "C*m On Feel The Noize" is a featured hit. Is there some reason we need to resurrect this wonderful song and put it on a kid karaoke game?? Are there not any decent songs that could allow an "E" rating? Of course this is the "Amped" version. We considered swapping it for a different version that is "E", but have decided to just request our money back but I might change my mind if the songs a "G". Are we really in the minority because we don't want our kids singing trashy nasty lyrics??? God help us all.


Mama Mia said...

I could have given you the heads up on the Moon Sand. As far as the rating system I only go by one sure-fire way...MY WAY. PG means nothing anymore and teen? well 13 is alot different than 18 but they lump them all together!!

Jason said...

I will stay away from Moon Sand! We don't have video games. . what do you think? Should we just never even start the whole video game thing with Diego?