Thursday, November 08, 2007


I know it is supposed to end with an F, but I feel this way on Thursdays. It is a day of rest after Wednesday co-op. We are not behind on the week's work yet. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are hectic, but on Thursday, I can relax a bit-usually through Saturday. Also, we ease into our weekends. While the rest of the world does cool awesome family things (especially Mia!), Saturday is just another day of work for my darling hubby. So it is just a "free" day for us girls. Don't get me wrong, we would all love to have Saturdays with Dad, we just can't. So after a week of school, we get a day to do whatever. Most of the time, that whatever is nothing. Occassionally it is lots of stuff. This Saturday though, it is a big day. Every fifth weekend, we get Dad. We get him on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Unless he gets called in or scheduled to work. This is entirely possible.

Whew, what a tangent. So anyway, today has been a good day. My Bible study group celebrated the end of our study with a trip to Cracker Barrel. Yum. Days that start out with hashbrown casserole are always good days. The fellowship was pretty awesome too. I also officially have begun my Christmas shopping. Two names are finished. Goody. My goal this year is to be finished by Dec 1. If that happens, my enjoyment of the holidays increases exponentially. I hate looming deadlines. They stress me.

So anyway, I am enjoying a fine day. Doing laundry in my "play clothes" until chorus time when I must remove my most favorite paint stained tshirt (old cottony soft goodness) and flannel pants(old cottony soft goodness) for go out in public clothing.

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~ Stephanie. said...

I love no-stress days! I love getting Christmas shopping done early! I love that there is only one more week of co-op before the long break!