Friday, November 09, 2007

Good Morning

I have been clearing out paper clutter with a vengeance.(for about 2 years if you have been reading) I have made much progress. Once upon a time, when I brought out "ye olde papre stackes" it would cover the table and the bar and maybe another stack on the floor. Now it is reduced to three healthy stacks. Today, I will be assessing and filing those stacks. I must assess to see what actually needs to be filed and then do it. I have made so much progress. Not the way I wanted to, I wanted to blitz in and do it up right in a day and live happily ever after. This was not an achievable goal, so I have slowly but surely whittled away at it.

The day is coming when I will look around and we will be decluttered. It took me alot of years to get to this point, it will probably take a few to "clear it up". I challenge you to do it too. Even if you have a house big enough to contain your clutter, it is costing you big. Every time you spend hours looking for that lost paper, it wasn't worth it. I have a friend whose sister died quite unexpectedly-she often talks about how hard it was to find anything, especially important papers that needed to be found. Her sister had a "I need to get this stuff organized someday." philosophy. She did not know her grieving parents and siblings would be the one doing it. That may sound a bit morbid, but we just never know.

Back to the old file folders for me. I think when I am done with this venture, I will have alot of file folders, rubbermaid containers and hoarded school supplies to freecycle. I have surely loved me some office supplies.

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~ Stephanie. said...

Greg is a stacker. He keeps everything from business cards to old newspapers. I'm a thrower. When I get the mail, I go through it and deal with it. Junk mail and envelopes get thrown. Insurance papers and such get put in the file box. Bills go in my purse to be paid every Monday. Keeps me sane. Now, if only my "catch-all" utility table would organize itself . . .