Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shop Till You Drop!

Although I think this is a ridiculous saying, it is fitting for me today. I begged my darling honey to please not make me have to wait until the last minute to shop. I did it last year and finished up just a day or two before Christmas. It drove me bananas. Nothing kills the Christmas Spirit more for me than knowing I have 6 more people to buy for or Christmas cards yet to send out. I like to be mostly done by Dec 1 and then I can coast through and enjoy all the holiday stuff.

Hubby not only allowed me to shop with his blessing, he and the kids spent all day playing and doing yard work while I spend untold hours shopping. This on his rare and special Saturday off!! He's off Monday too though for Veteran's Day, so we will have a fun family day then. I then came home for a bit, ate the wonderful food he had cooked and set off again for an old fashioned Tupperware party, again kid-free. My husband loves me. I am so rejuvenated to have a day alone (as alone as you can be among people). I have well over 3/4 of my shopping done and it feels GOOD. I am up late tonight cleaning for houseguests tomorrow, but I don't mind it a bit. The weight lifted off my shoulders will make the cleaning so much easier!!

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