Friday, September 21, 2007


****Edited to say, I corrected the name of the second guy who is George Beverly Shea not to be confused with George Bernard Shaw. Don't make fun, it isn't nice. I also plugged in better pictures because mine were very bad.****

These two fellas recently came to our section of the state and we went to see them. The first one is Steven Curtis Chapman and oh my is he famous. The kids know exactly who he is and what he sings. The second one is George Beverly Shea and in his day, he was 50 times more famous than Steven Curtis. My kids did not have a clue who he was and were mildly annoyed when I told them to stand up. He only got a half-standing ovation and it broke my heart. Stardom is cruel. In today's society, it really is here today, gone tomorrow. Outlandish things have to be done to keep the spotlight.

It is said that among kids today, the drive to be famous-even if just for a little while-is more than the drive to be financially successful or to be "happy". This really makes me sad. This is why you tube is so crazy. Girls are willing to strip down naked for the entire world to see if it means they might get a shot at being a "STAR". Guys are willing to tackle testosterone-induced stupidly dangerous stunts because they might be a you-tube one-night sensation. Even facebook has become less about connecting with others and more about how many "friends" you can rack up. Pathetic, especially when you see some of those pics of girls. Apparently, b**bs are very "in" right now(or OUT as the case may be) and if you look over the friends in facebook, you can see this is very true.

I have a facebook account because one of my friends from high school encouraged it. I am not very active on it, but I have to say, all my "friends" are friends. All six of them. That officially gives me "loser" status, I think. I'm not losing sleep over it. Some people have over 1000 friends. The more friends you have, the more friends who want to be your friend. My Space is the same sort of thing. Blogs kind of are too, with some people who are all about ad revenue. I guess it is because I am old, but I don't get it.

I am not star-struck at all. Deep down, we all only have one soul to offer God. One life of service. God doesn't have a favorite. Stardom is risky because you can mis-step and lose your soul. Having people like us is a need, a craving. Having this all wrapped up wth a bow on top can turn us into a monster. Stars are just people. People who are messing up everyday just like me.


WendyDarling said...

I am currently doing the Beth Moore Bible Studay on "Daniel", and I have to say that your post is the prime example of todays "Babylonian" mentality. It's all about ME, ME, ME. So sad. :-(

Jacinda said...

Funny you should mention how b**bs are so "in" (or out!) right now. I have been noticing that when I'm just out & about in stores these days. It's like everywhere I look I see more & more cleav**ge. I'm not some gross person either who likes looking at it. I just feel bad for men-or boys-who try not to look & stare from a purity standpoint b/c when it's put out there so blatantly at WAL MART it's hard not to look, you know?!!?