Thursday, September 20, 2007

The kittens are abounding with cuteness everywhere we look. They wrestle with Tobilicious and he is tolerating it better than expected, further proof that he is indeed a very smart dog. When we leave, we say, "Toby, get in your crate." and 80% of the time he does. The other ten he runs to hide under my bed. When we say, "Toby, get that kitty out of your mouth, he does so, reluctantly." So anyway, we are running an ad in the paper that will start Saturday to find our little feline furballs a home. I will miss them but I will not miss the frequent litter box scooping. Like the rest of the house, what is done in the morning is undone by evening.

Tomorrow is our first keepers meeting and I am very excited. We will be scrapbooking with the girls and fishing with the boys. Good times. I hope this club is just the blessing our family needs. I love all the other moms and girls, they are very genuine and enjoyable.

I have a thousand things to be doing, so I must get off of here, but I wanted to update(IT'S BEEN TWO WHOLE DAYS SINCE I POSTED!!!!) and get pics of the cutie pies posted for Dorky Dad and so TeacherMom can pick one out! The two not- quite- oranges are boys, the other three are girls.

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