Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Random and odd

*I have been doing better on the food stuff, not as well as I would like. I have lost about 4 pounds and that is a good thing. I have certainly been around much tempting food. Tis hard to resist birthday cake when you love sugar.

*Mom came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. She has to use a walker right now. Slowly she is getting back to normal. We are concerned she could lose her balance and fall and not have a phone. Our step-father is 84 and not capable of dialing the phone because he can't see. He also sits outside all day so if she fell it would be a while before he needed to come in and refill his coffee. She is only 63, so she refuses to be treated like an "old" person.

*Erik had practice here at our house last night. This has pros and cons. It is hard for little girls to sleep with loud music playing. Lilly loves it though. She left her bedroom door wide open to hear, everyone else had their doors shut tight. This is the band Erik says he is quitting. I don't believe him but I am optimistic.

*Ladies night out tonight, I am so excited I can barely stand it. I have never needed a night out more.

*Keepers meeting this week. I want this club to be awesome so I am both excited and terribly nervous.

*I got my Twilight Series books by Stephenie Meyer. Oh my they are fabulous. They came on Saturday and I am on book 3. Consuming books. Sucked in worse than a Harry Potter book. No smut, just a wonderful love story. I believe these are written for young adults. Bella and Edward-greatest love story evah!

*I still haven't gotten to part two of our mini-vacation. I am pathetic.

*Our kittens are quite adorable and getting used to the constant holding. If you know me in real life, you are certainly welcome to one. We have given away none so far. They have turned 6 weeks in the middle of too much chaos. Plus they are the cutest litter we have ever had. I'm treading in dangereous waters.


Steph said...

Oh, how I wish I could be there for the Ladies' night out. I bet you're still out there laughing in the parking lot right now as I type this at 10:40 p.m.- without me. Boy, we had some good times last year, didn't we! Tell me more about the Twilight books and I want at least one kitten. Love ya!

Dorky Dad said...

KITTENS??? Where are the pictures??? PIX!!! PIX!!!

We just put a funky hat on our cats this evening. Hilarious.

Sallie said...

I would love a kitten but we can't have one.. I need a mom's night out too... God bless,Sallie