Monday, August 20, 2007

Sanctification Or God ain't done with me yet!

Since I have been posting on bars, drinking, bad words and other non-lovely items, I thought I should now clarify some things. I do not believe it is OK to get drunk nor do I think it is wrong to have a drink. The Bible is crystal clear on this and also consistently talks of drinking wine in an innocent way all through the new testament. And, despite what some think, they were able to drink the water. (I give you the woman at the well, she gave Jesus a drink of...water.) It also warns against the evils of drunkenness.( I second those!) I will never support anyone's right to get drunk, it is sinful. So is gluttony-or overeating-a very common church sin. They are equal, drunkenness and gluttony and gossip and murder. Sin is sin and we all do it. However, eating is eating and having a drink is having a drink. I believe moderation is the key, but also a slippery slope for some people regarding some things! (me and cake, for instance)

With that said, I also believe that God is sanctifying each one of us in a very personal way. When he convicts us, we need to pay attention. Gluttony is a daily struggle and I often fail. Sometimes God makes us struggle through to find freedom from our sins. That is where I am and it is soooo stinking hard that it makes it hard for me to judge other people enmeshed in their own struggles (speck versus plank!). Sometimes I still manage to judge, another struggle.

My point, and I do have one is that what seems clearly wrong for one person, may not be so clearly etched for another. Some people have a drink and it is no big deal. Other people give the devil a foothold if they even think about a drink. The same way I give the devil a foothold if I make a pan of brownies when everyone else is sleeping. Or buy a 10-pack of mini candy bars. We all have struggles with sin. Some people make their sins "less wrong" than other's sin. Clearly this sanctification stuff is very complicated and personal. I don't have all the answers, I recommend studying the handbook God gave us with a little direction from the Spirit. If allowed, God speaks clearly and individually to all of his children.


Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

Oh, love that thing that I have finally come to a good place in is to not judge others sins, not my place and LORD knows I am not even remotely sinless. Doing my best, as I beleive most people try to do and that is all I need to worry about......God's the one to judge others sins and mine....lovely post!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't judging you, i love you...those who know you, understand your posts. I love to hear about your are truthful and a sweetheart!
You don't shy away from anything....
Hope you have a great week.
we are shut in at home, had to take J to the dr. fun.
hope to talk to you soon

Teacher Mom said...

its always amazed me how people seem to judge those sins they "see" on the outside much more harshly than the ones we keep hidden. Sin is sin

Jacinda said...

I can so relate to the whole eating thing. I tend to eat way more when others are not around. I know it's wrong and I know the devil smiles & laughs when I do it.