Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Sounds like such a simple word. They come in every shape, size, color and price range. WOW. I have never gone shopping for them before, so I had no clue what we were in for. I had the mistaken thought that I would go to a furniture store, find one I like and call it a day. We went to three places, one of which was Lowes and they no longer carry furniture. (I may have saved some reader a trip with that tidbit.) The other two were furniture stores and I gotta say, bookshelves in furniture stores are a wee bit overpriced. On the other hand, they are actual furniture, not the particle board, assembly required items that I am trying to avoid. We paid good money for a computer desk that broke and broke and now is junk. Very heavy junk. I have no clue how we can salvage it and it works out to have been a very poor investment. I want to get bookshelves once and know they are rugged enough to at least handle being moved from one side of the room to the other without the particle board ripping away from the anchor screws, rendering it junk.

So, even though we were just looking, I thought it would all be different. I imagined finding what I wanted and then saving up an planning for the day it could be purchased. Instead I realized some really freaky stuff is in style now, our budget was way too low for this endeaver, and even if I spend a lot of money I am still not getting what I really had pictured in my head.

I won't even start on the disappointment I felt for the entertainment center selection. OR the fact that Toyota Tundra truck cost OVER $40,000. YIKES!!! We were a tiny bit tempted to at lease look by zero interest-alas no further temptation is possible.

Anybody know anyone getting rid of a five-shelf bookcase or two, matching?


Sallie said...

We have found the unfinished wood furniture store to be our best friend! We love that we can buy REAL wood and it be affordable. We also like the oak express store because they prices are usually cheaper. Have you checked our freecycle for your area? You might be able to get one (or two) for free!

God bless,

~ Stephanie. said...

I don't have bookshelves, but I do have a heavy-duty, high quality rolltop computer desk I might consider parting with for about $225. Interested?

Ami said...

Goodwill. Other thrift stores.

I bought my son a desk with bookcase on left end, a hutch, a file drawer, a keyboard pullout and a wrist rest for $19.99. Found a computer chair for my daughter a couple weeks ago for $4.99.

I go there first when I need something.