Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Random & Odd

*I made it through co-op today with an abundance of energy despite going to bed at 2AM. Thank you makers of VAULT! and large size fudge rounds(the 25 cent ones). It is the breakfast of champions. I had Total cereal yesterday and not an ounce of energy all day.

*I discussed alcoholic drinks with my preacher today. He complimented my "smarts" and I talked about whiskey sours and pink squirrels. There we were in the same room, a former bartender and a man who never drinks. Irony?

*If I did not love my church and my church family soooooo much, I probably would not get my feelings hurt so often. I guess I'll take the hurt feelings, because my church family gets "it". Some of them even "get" me and that is "neat".

*Tobalicious is the coolest dog. He keeps getting smarter and smarter. The kittens are getting to be so cute and he does not attack when that littlest tabby furball hisses at him and makes all her fur stick out. He doesn't like them but he is good. We have two boy kittens and three girls. They are getting really cute. I'm still not tempted.

*We are planning one more yard sale. This FRIDAY. We may also wash our cars. We are doing our part to end the drought.

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