Tuesday, July 10, 2007


...has been cancelled due to PMS conditions, bloating from hell, and hormonal surges. Please join us next Tuesday when regular programming will resume.

Exercise has gone well. Most everyday has held some sort of little extra. If I spend each day trying to THINK about exercise, as in where can I fit it in, it is not too hard. Sort of like how I think about where I can phase in some veggies. IT just has to be planned a little.

Two prayer requests: One is a friend struggling with marriage stuff, another is a friends whose hubby was injured in a motorcycle accident. I don't have full details-but it sounds life altering. His name is Kevin. Much prayer for both of these would be greatly appreciated.

My mom is really back to normal. She is cooking for herself and my stepfather plus doing her own laundry. Feeling much better. Thanks for all the prayers you lifted up on her behalf.

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