Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fake it till you make it...

does work, just in case you ever wondered. Sometimes you can't-but if you can, it works. I am feeling much better. Thank you for your empathy and sweet comments. I just got home from a baby shower that I attended with no children. Bliss, just what the doctor ordered. Delicious homemade cake and Ranier cherries. What could be sweeter? (Besides me, heehee, I definitely needed sweetening!) This is a new couple in our church and they are so sweet. I love showers. It is so nice to bless someone at such sweet times as babies and weddings. This is a custom that is so impactful. I love it. You never forget the people who blessed you at your shower, visited you at the hospital, attended your wedding, and perhaps most important of all, wait patiently through visitation at funerals. This is important stuff, y'all-just in case you did not know it.

Erik also mowed my side of the yard on a day when I was dreading it, although I do like to mow. (it's just so hot!!) I have repaid him by making up his side of the bed, cooking his side of the lunch(frozen pizzas-that was some hard work), and finishing up his side of the laundry.

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jettybetty said...

You are too funny =-)!!