Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Since it is take your family to work day, we are in Evansville with Erik toiling away at the Post Office while we are at the library playing. So far today we had breakfast at McDonald's, went on the riverwallk, played on the coolest playground ever and now we are at one of many libraries here at this fine city. Did I mention there are MANY libraries. This one is big enough that ours would fit very tidily into this one and there would still be room left over. Anyway, their air conditioning is out, so we won't be here long. I am sweating bullets and we were already sweating from our lengthy walk. I love this city. So cool. Next stop, Arts and Science museum and then the children's museum. Possibly the Reitz Historic home. The best part about this downtown historic district is that is is not hard to get around in. The worst part about this town is that our day started at 6 and nothing here opened until 10, except the library opened at 9. So we came here to check it out. Hence the riverwalk. God is smiling on us though, because that was the coolest playground in the whole world, except for the bottle of Smirnoff vodka we found. It was a little disturbing to find that on a playground-I then searched the place thoroughly for the owner. Apparently he felt safe enough to leave it. Boy was he wrong. I am sooooo drunk. LOL. I didn't finish it silly goose-just a little to take the edge off. LOL AGAIN!! Do you think it is safe to drink Vodka after a bum? Doesn't the alcohol kill any bacteria?

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Mia said...

where's the orange juice when you need it? Screwdriver anyone?? Love hearing about your trip, missed you all though yesterday at VR! Saw where you called...will connect safe and howdy to the girls