Saturday, July 07, 2007

Summer Days
The first pic is our summer home. It is so handy to go from there to the water. Notice the platform that holds our pool. It is so lovely to look across the pool and see the lake. We think it was a wise investment. IT is really hard to clean since it is so large, but it is a curse we bear willingly.
Next pic is a very happy Erik with happy posers, Erika and Lilly. Kayla was unwilling to pose. Next pic is Toby in his spot. Coincidentally, this is the same spot I stayed in when I was little and my Dad took my sisters and I boating. Huge water fears have been overcome, yall. Huge.
Next pic shows us blackberry picking on the side of the road after we finished boating. The berries were few and far between. It took us a long time to pick half a butter bowl full. We had lots of fun though. Erik did too. He waited in the air-conditioned van while we picked. Eventually Toby waited there as well. He kept looking so longingly at the van, we let him sit out berry picking. Then the girls took turns in and out of the van as well. Wimps. All of them.
Last pic show a passed out Toby on the way home. He was a tired dog despite sleeping all day. He slept even more when we got home. It's a dog's life.
It was a fun day. Oh yeah and that first pic is not our house, but a very secluded lodge on the lake. It has rooms fanning out on either side of the main building. And a gorgeous view. Rumor has it this was a favorite hang-out of JFK and his "other" women. There is an awesomely huge airport nearby that was supposedly built to accomodate Air Force One. Since this is a very under-developed rural area, there is really no other explanation for such a huge airstrip. I think he and Clinton were/are kindred spirits. Crooked to the core but suave and debonaire on the surface.
Anyway, we had a great summer day. Unfortunately, we missed an art thing we had signed up for. I will make many apologies today. I feel like a heel when I miss commitments. I don't ever like being one of "those" people. If I say I am doing it, I will do it if at all possible. Erik having a day off really threw me off, but mostly it was me not putting it on the main calendar. BAD BAD!!
Today, we are relaxing and taking it slow. Doing a bit of laundry and possibly cleaning. Maybe.

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Mia said...

I knew you were keeping a secret from me.....a summer home huh? when do us peasants get an invite!? Glad you had a good time.