Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lucky Day?

According to the news, there are many couples planning weddings on 7-7-07. To this I have to say, good luck with that. When entering into the bonds of matrimony, few things matter more than looking at that beautiful engagement ring and setting that magical date. The world kind of revolves around those two things for such a long time. It sets the mood on this magical princess journey to bride-dom. THIS is what is wrong with marriages today! These two things have nothing to do with marriage.

Blood, sweat, and tears-that is what marriage is really about. It is hard work that sometimes does not seem worth it until the day comes that you KNOW it WAS worth it and so much more. When you have struggled through death valley and raise your head to find yourself in an "all frills" Hawaiian resort.

I can truly say now that I love my husband. We still fight, but it is different. I used to only see his flaws-but lately I can see a few of my own and let me tell you, he is a good man for enduring countless episodes of, "CRAP!! I can't believe I let the laundry sour again!" or "I can't believe I forgot it, I laid it right by the door so I would not forget." Loyalty throughout the daily grind and annoying habits, that is the stuff of good marriages. That date better just be a little something extra. 7-7-07 won't get you through 6 weeks of no lovin and a wife that smells like soured milk and spit-up. That one takes true love, commitment and a little help from God.

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Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

oh so, so true!!! and a bit funny!!