Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Full Day

And HOW! After the library, we went to the children's museum because we had to pick Erik up for lunch and it was closer. We got cool duck stamps so we could come back after lunch. We lunched at McDonald's again and proved that it ain't cheap if you are not careful!! The girls and I always eat there for under $8. Today our family spent $26 and some change and we have the dorky toys and wasted food to prove it. Shameful. So then we went back to the children's museum and spent 2 and a half more hours of learning fun there. Kayla took the hard drive out of a computer. Erika and I built a robot out of boxes and masking tape. Lilly and I painted her face about 6 times before we decided on a design. Kayla drew herself a unibrow, then laughed and laughed. Then very promptly wiped it off. Of all days to not have the camera. We played drums, shadow puppets, crawled through nostrils, stood inside a brain, balanced, built with blocks....on and on times infinity.

As we were walking back to our car, I called Erik and he was done. That meant he could do the other museum with us. The Arts and Science museum. It was the museum without end amen. It has it all and two very cool kid areas as well. It also had about 4 different art galleries and a planetarium on the third floor-but the only showing was at 1PM and we missed it. So we got our fill of the museum and headed back homeward. We got home about 6 and had sandwiches. Erika and I went to singing only at church, then came home got the rest of the crew to go to the funeral home for a death in our extended family. We then went for banana splits after that. Now we are home and I am just amazed at how much can fit into one little old day.

WOW. Some days I can't even seem to get one load of laundry done-What's up with that?? Going to snuggle with my honey and watch 24 till we doze off.


Mia said...

"doze off" is that what they are calling it now??? heehee

Jacinda said...

I love our "local" children's museum (at least an hour away). It is very educational and tons of fun! Hopefully the girls & I can go sometime soon!

Mia said...

I have given you a Blogger Reflection Award! Stop by my blog to see

thruchildeyes said...

You're not kidding, that is an amazing amount of goodness in one day. Now you need a couple days of nothing to recover!

Julie Anne said...

My sis told me how awesome that museum is...can't wait to go sometime! Done the crazy McD's binge before... buy ya know, sometimes you just gotta go all out and let everybody have thier Happy Meal. It's a vacation thing. ;)