Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A dog snout on my toes.

Don't knock it. This is a Tobilicious feeling. Sitting at the computer while Toby puts his sleeping body underneath and rests his snout upon my toes. Loving me so much, he will settle for touching any part of my body, including my toes. This is the reason people get a dog. No one will ever love you as much as your dog. EVAH!

So, today is a good day. I have 4 children not three. A sleepover for the birthday girl. Last night we went to see Harry Potter at the "drive-thru". (Lilly called it that despite corrections for at least a year.) (Disney also has a "Terror of Tower" ride.) It was a great movie. It was however, downright cold. We were shy a couple of blankies since it is July and KY is hot like fire in July. At one point, I looked over and Erik had his shirt stretched over his knees like kids do. If I had not been frozen to my chair, I would have gotten my camera for a pic. In 13 years of marriage, I have never seen him do that. COLD, I tell you, it was cold.

Right now, there is a movie playing, two tents in the backyard set up for making fairy clothes, and swimming going on in the pool. I can relate. It is so much more fun to do three things instead of just one. These are little women after all. The multi-tasking starts EARLY!

Our guest is a complete angel and I told her mother so. Each time she walks through the house, she is polishing her halo. Children as guests are completely delightful, aren't they. Children as live-ins? Not so much. LOL.

My syllabi for co-op have been printed and copied for two days. Today I will take them to where the co-op meeting will take place. They will even arrive a day early to the meeting. I have never had this happen before. I will not be able to attend the meeting as my Mom will be having stints put in early tomorrow morning. (Please keep her in your prayers-she is a very risky patient.) School starts next week. WOW!

Girl's night out- let's go see Hairspray. Who wants to go? It will be very hard to see one of my big crushes in a dress-but I will. De-lurk and tell me if you are going. Or we could see Transformers: Robots in disguise/More than meets the eye.


~ Stephanie. said...

i'm jealous. only my middle school syllabus is completed. high school, not so much. must finish. must finish. must finish.

Mia said...

ME! ME! ME! (Mia waving her hand wildly from the back row) I want to go!! Travolta looking like my Aunt from 1965...you betcha!

jettybetty said...

I would love to see Hairspray--no time right now--it will be cheaper if I can rent it in a few months anyway?