Monday, July 23, 2007

As of today, I am the mother of two ten-year-olds. No they are not twins, they will only both be ten for two weeks, then the older one turns 11. It boggles my brain that I have two chilren not a year apart. It has made life a little more interesting to say the least. They are the best of friends and the worst enemies, depending on the day/hour. Supercharged competitiveness in nearly everything. They have never known life without the other one and all of their memories are shared. Someday, when they are grown, they will be close in a way only almost twins can be. OR they will avoid each other like the plague. You just never know.

We had a fun day yesterday. Our care group got together one last time for an afternoon of visiting. It was a really good care group and we needed one more visit together. We had such a fun time together just sitting on the porch talking. We were teasing one of the teen-age boys there because of text messaging on his phone. I told him way back in prehistoric times, teens were forced to take pen and paper and write notes. Hard to believe how much kids pay to write electronic notes.

Then we went boating. We almost did not because our battery was being quarrelsome, but Erik was determined and talked it into starting. It was a gorgeous but busy day. Lots of boats and people skiing. Windy, so the water was a bit choppy. Also, it was a little on the cool side. Quite cool. But the water was just right. We really studied the waters around the camp the girls are going to soon. They are so excited they can hardly stand it. It was my favorite childhood camp and Erik's too, so we are excited for them as well. They will come home with lots of "good skills". Skills are important, you know. This is an instructive camp that teaches all things out-of-doors. I wish I could go back one more time. Erik went twice and I am so jealous.
After we got home, I went and picked Lilly up from where she was spending the day with a friend. She had had so much fun. We missed her terribly but she missed us not at all.

Good friends, good times. Summer days, drifting away...

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Julie Anne said...

Well, it boggles my brain that they are TEN!! I remember having a conversation with you about your two SIX year, yesterday I think?