Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Wardrobe-$6

I know all of my friends shall be so glad that I hit an awesome yard sale today-since I wear my clothes until they completely fall apart ( ;. I purchased about $200 worth of clothes...for $6. I always have my kids ask how much things are. That makes me appear non-committed and disinterested. Then if it is sky high, I just walk away. Of course, when they say 50 cents a piece, I start piling up like a madwoman. Especially a long cotton Land's End dress that I lust for everytime they send me a catalog. It is not suitable for wearing out unless you have a killer body, which is quite different from a body that could kill (by squashing). Land's End has the softest cotton in the whole world and this "dress"/gown covers me head to toe-it looks never worn. I feel like George Costanza (Seinfeld) on a velvet couch. Luxury for the low price of 50 cents. Quick spin through the washer and dryer and I am a happy woman. Aside from that though, lots of other nice clothing items as well. IF I iron today, I won't have to wear the same thing twice all summer. ( ; Notice that was a big if. HEE HEE.

The kids got some extremely NOT NEEDED clothing as well. I guess $5 is pretty cheap for splurging on some a'eropostale. I still have money left from my $20 yard sale allowance for the day. Also got some bookends, stickers, a real-food easy bake oven (used once), 2 purses (cause you can't have too many-NOT!), cute basket and some books.

We also hit about 10 DUD yard sales where I wondered why on earth they bothered.

After today, hubby is off for two days!!

Happy Memorial Day!! Don't forget the men who died to guarantee your freedoms.

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