Friday, May 25, 2007

Lake Day!

Hope you like these pics. That tubin' picture is my baby(the age 5 & 11/12ths one). She has been doing that since about 3 and it makes my stomach hurt to watch it, but she loves it. Erika loves it too. Kayla, not so much. She does it once a year to make Erik happy. Speaking of Erik, hunka hunka burning love. As in, he's a HUNK, yes we are all sunburned(despite SPF 45 ) and I love him for working so hard for our rehcreeaitin'.
Kayla finds flowers no matter where we go and picks them. Floral design in her future, perhaps?? We saw and fed a whole family of ducks today. Dad, Mom and two babies. Oh how I wanted to feel that soft duck down. Pictures just can't do it justice, but I tried.

Today we had a fabulous day of fun and sun and we were home by 2 this afternoon. We chilled out a bit and then went to a downtown arts festival and then had a lovely dinner at The Olive Garden. We are all exhausted now. I came home, took a walk to work off some of supper, watered the garden and read two more pages of Pride and Predjudice. It is killing me. I hope Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy will get together already. I also hope Jane and Mr. Bingley do as well. That should let you know about where I am. Can someone rewrite this in modern translation.

Brouhaha still not resolved. Giving it to God now. I've probably screwed it up so bad now only he can fix it. Letting

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