Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Doldrums

Sometimes, despite being clothed head to toe in soft Land's End cotton, you enter the DOLDRUMS. That is where you find me on this Saturday night at 9:20. A date with depression. We have been out before. I know him well but we have not dated seriously in years. He is such a lovely date too. He gets you into bed and hands you tissues and makes you think, pretty seriously too, that no one has ever been more miserable than you are right at this moment. He has been flirting with me all day, courting me, telling me how skinny I look in this cotton tent dress.

"That is some very soft cotton." He says grinning at me.

God is good though. He has sent me two very random calls from wonderful friends and also ran me into one live yesterday. He gave me a husband that listens to all my woes and says, "People suck, but we don't."

I am weak though and I am going to bed down with depression, but he has to stay on his side of the bed and possibly translate Pride and Prejudice so that I may finish and read the Lynn Austin book I checked out.


~ Stephanie. said...

I am sorry for your "Down in the dumps" feelings - been there many times myself. I loved how you described it as "courting" you. Still praying for your brouhaha, knowing that it will work out in God's timing, and assuming that this is the basis for your depressed feelings. Love you.

jettybetty said...

I love Land's End cotton, too--especially at the price you paid! I think occasionally depression flirts with all of us--I am always better off when I turn him down--but sometimes I don't!

Hope you are feeling much by now!!!

Mia said...

I like to think sometimes that everyone ELSE on the planet is crazy nuts and I am the only sane one.....praying for you everyday girl!