Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rainy Days...

I know April showers bring May flowers but I wish it could rain through the week instead. Raining on Dear hubby's days off is not nice!! We also have been invited to alot of things today and are not sure what our day entails yet. Certainly a trip into town which mean I should be dressed and showered but I am not. I should probably work on that.

Erika made breakfast today. French toast. I told her it was very good and she had a great cooking teacher. She said, "You didn't teach me, I just learned by watching you." I am so relieved that the bad habits that I have taught her won't be credited to me either. After all, I didn't TEACH that, she just learned by watching. ( ;

The grounding has been very lovely...I hope she thinks before she lies again but I have a sneaking feeling she just thinks we needed an excuse to be mean. As if I need an excuse.

I am going to shower now. This wasn't much of a post, but I missed you. Have a great weekend!

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