Thursday, April 12, 2007

I think our cold snap is finally easing up. There is only one reason it happened. I take full responsibility. I apologize. We planted our garden early. Every year some moron does it-plants early and guarantees snow for all.

I cannot express my remorse enough. It all happened on one of those weeks where it was 80+ and we even considered swimming when we went fishing because it was hot. Of course we didn't but it was tempting. We got the garden tilled and the kids brought the seeds out and we thought..SURE, why not. We were the morons this year. Morons 'R US

Yesterday, I had to ground one of my children for the first time. I am as devastated as she is. The lying had crossed the line. IT is one full week without privileges and it will be hard to do-but we will. Please join me in praying that this will work in teaching that God hates lying and we must be truthful. I hate being a parent sometimes.


Deborah and Sally said...

I did the same thing, of course we had like three weeks of 70s and 80s.
Luckily I covered everything and have only lost a couple plants.

I know what you mean about kids, I wish they came with a handbook !!:)


jettybetty said...

Can I blame you for the cold in TX, too??

I understand the grounding will probably be harder on you than her--but she will never understand that--until she has kids!

Trees said...

Hi, I'm Trees and thougt I'd pop in and have a nose around, hope that's OK! I was tagged by Julie's tag of your tagging... thing.... there was tagging, what can I say?

We planted out the first of our veggie seeds today, am hoping your influence doesn't extend to the UK.

My blue blog link is on Julie's site and 35 is a VERY good age to be.

Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

well at least I know who to blame for the 6 inches of SNOW we got Wednesday!!!! It all melted today though, so it's all good!!! :)